Term 1 - Wednesday 1st March

The Term 1 programme will run from:

Wednesday's - 1st March to 29th March at 4.00pm - 4.45pm

Star Helpers will be required so please have a think if you can volunteer an hour of your time to help us out with this programme.

The programme will run as follows:

4.00pm Start

(first week will be 4.00pm to 5.00pm, as have introductions and full roll call).

Warm Up

Skills Session

Netball Game

Cool down

Finish at 4.45pm​​​​​​​

Registrations are now open:​​​​

Team Swifts - Prem Court 6 – Adam - Year 2

Team Tactix - Prem Court - Brooke de Wit-  Year 2

Everly Carlaw

Isla Fick

Lilly Taylor

Harper James

Kara Reynish

Aria Pillai-Greig

Charlotte Pinfold

Lilah Shelford

Yvaine Molenaar

Zoe Reitnauer

Charlotte Griffith

Penelope De Bruyn

Imogen Grant-Cole

Rylee de Wit

Millie Roberts

Lily Hammond

Team Stars - Court 6 – Carmell – Year 1

Team Magic - Court 6 - Dee Ashby -Year 1

Indiana Gabriel

Ricky Barker

Poppy Gray

Kasey Kapa

Hannah Imray

Seirosa Lelei

Reed Millar

Waitea Perawiti

Kaylee Truman

Carley Vasta

Espin Gale

Libo Yang

Viyani Kumar

Violet Moeahu

Skyla Moody

Izzy Donnelly

Team Pulse - Court 6 - Hannah Fraser & Sophie Noyce - Year 1
Amelia Boyd
? Elliott
Anna Ge
Frankie Willis
Shamsnoor Joumad-Baron
Willow Shelford
Ellie Fox
Kya Warner