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Junior Netball - We have a new page on the website dedicated to Junior Netball.  Click here to check this out.  New information will be added all the time so please keep an eye on it.




  Coastlands Netball Kapiti AGM March 23rd 2015 - click here for all the details.



   2015 Club Trials - Upcoming Club trial dates and information is on the Club page - click here




  Upcoming Coaching modules - click here for the Coaching page



 TWILIGHT TIME - The Twilight results for round 3 26th Feb are available on the results page. 


 2015 Calendar - The 2015 Calendar for Netball Kapiti is now up on the Calendar page.  Some dates are subject to change.  







We are looking for Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Managers for our 2015 Representative Season.  Netball Kapiti will be having the following age group representative teams in 2015.  Click here for details





  REGIONAL SUPER LEAGUE – 2015 - Netball Kapiti will be entering a Composite Club team into the Regional Super League Tournament in 2015. Click here for details




 Virtual Netball Is Back!!


With the start of the ANZ champs this weekend we have reactivated the Netball Kapiti virtual netball group - join up at  http://netballtipping.nzherald.co.nz/, search for the netball kapiti group to join and start challenigng your friends to see who has the best netball picking knowledge in the centre!, We will be playing again under the Netball Kapiti username and we need someone to see if they can knock of SC-BH from the top spot after two consecutive wins in 2013/2014 edition of the game!


Check out the Umpires pages here for tips and information


  Galleries have been updated with photo's from all our 2014 representative tournaments 

Some great shots in all the galleries so check them out ! - congratulations to all our players who competed and our wonderful Coaches, Managers and Supporters who made our 2014 Representative Season happen - you did us proud!






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