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Level One Coach Program

New to Coaching Netball or wanting a bit more confidence - Level One Coach Program will provide new and beginner coaches with the following learning outcomes, and enhance the knowledge of those coaches that just want a bit of guidance.

  1. Demonstrates a good understanding of the game of netball and all rules associated with the game, including umpire protocols.
  1. Demonstrates a good understanding of all elements of the NetballSmart Dynamic Warm-up.
  1. Demonstrates a good understanding of basic netball skills. 
  1. Demonstrates confident techniques to communicate with their team, using different feedback styles and understands the effect feedback has on the player.
  1. Identifies coachable moments quickly and adapts activities when needed for teams and individual players.
  1. Understands the purpose and delivery of team talks.







 6th June


The Game

The Rules

Umpire Protocols

Sam Marshall Sutherland,  Kat Kerr

13th June


Practical Skill/Drill Development

 Kat Kerr


20th June

6.00–8.00pm Practical & Tactical Development

 Kat Kerr & Kelly Hynson


27th June


ADAPT IT – How to target development within your team

 Kat Kerr & Kelly Hynson

54th July

6.00-7.30pm NetballSmart - Dynamic Warm-up

Carla Van Der Merwe, Carmell Wagg


11th July


Team Talks

Team Management

Umpire Quiz


Sam Marshall Sutherland, Carmell Wagg, Kat Kerr & Kelly Hynson

​​​​​​​Participants completing the Level One Coach Program will receive upon completion:

Primary Level Coach - Year 7 & 8 Coach Resource or;

College Level Coach (Year 9 & 10) - NNZ Year 9 & 10 Coach Resource or;

College Level Coach (Year 11 to 13) and Club Coach - NNZ Community Coach Resource

Coach Mentor/Buddy for Winter Season (Framework to be discussed at week 6 session)

Netball Kapiti Level One Coach Badge

Cost: $60.00 per Coach, will be invoiced upon registration.

Netball Kapiti Level 1 Program - Testimonials

​​​​​​​Level 1 – Coach Program

I want to thank everyone involved in this program. I have learned a great deal and I know I will be more structured in my future years of coaching with what I have learnt in this program.

I have enjoyed every aspect of this course and having guest speakers like Carla Van der Merwe come along and discuss more in-depth the ACC netball smart cards, gave me a better understanding as to why we do “those recommended” warmups and most importantly the cooling down from a game, will stick with me greatly. So nice to have the “experts” there to talk you through it and have a better understanding, than just reading it off a chart! Something I’ll pass onto my teams.

Huge thanks to Sam for showing us and giving us more information about the new rules. Kat for giving us a number of examples of experiences (Obi-Wan Kenobi) and Carmell for answering all questions, no matter how silly we may have thought they were.

All in all, I have gained more confidence and understanding and look forward to the season starting so I can now put what I have learned into action. Hence, I’m looking forward to sitting my second badge in the near future.

Thanks again.

Isabel Carberry

I can't thank you both enough for the last 6 weeks that you have invested in us, as individuals and as a team. You selflessly gave so much of your time, expertise, knowledge and passion. 6 weeks ago, I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue coaching; today, I walk away from the pavilion hungry to be a better coach, armed with your teaching, with more confidence to focus on developing our young netballers.

Thank you so much for the amazing opportunity.


Thank you very much Carmell and Kat for all of your tuition and pearls of wisdom over the last 6 weeks.  I have really enjoyed completing the course and feel my understanding of Netball strategy and planning has hugely increased.  You are both very approachable and make learning fun within a group of supportive coaches.  I feel the level of teaching has been "just right" and made those with previous experience and those with no experience feel safe in the learning environment.  It has a good level of challenge when presenting drills in front of the group, but not so much that people feel uncomfortable for too long :).  Thanks again.

Laura Bryant


Netball Kapiti would like to congratulate our 15 coaches who completed their 6 week introductory coach program last night and received their Netball Kapiti Level 1 Coach Badge.

This has been our first year facilitating this program and we would like to say a huge thank you to the coaches who attended, we thoroughly enjoyed sharing our knowledge with you, creating an awesome space for you to learn and grow as coaches. We are excited to hear that your confidence has improved and you are all ready to hit the courts with your teams this season.

I would like to thank Kat Kerr who has co-delivered this program, Kat has been a massive support to me in my role here at Netball Kapiti. A big thank you to Karen Simpson-Warren who co-developed this program, Sam Marshall-Sutherland for your umpiring session and Carla Van De Merwe - NetballSmart and Kelly Hynson Netball Central Zone & Kat Kerr who will look after our amazing coaches for their next stage of learning and growth.

Finally to our 15 coaches, grab your coaching kits, grab your knowledge and confidence and get out there with your teams and have the best time ever - Whoop!!!!

Netball NZ Community Coach Level 1 - Topics Covered

Attacking Fundamentals: fundamental ball skills, catching and passing, attacking strategies and techniques.  

Building Effective Relationships: communication, learning styles, people and conflict management.  

Defence: skill learning, man to man defence, open and closed marking, intercepting, 3foot mark, restrictive defence.  

Planning – Season & Session: weekly and game day planning, seasonal planning, evaluation methods.  

Player Centred Coaching: teaching games for understanding, learner centred coaching, effective questioning, coaching reflection.  

Selecting: selection policies and processes, skill and talent identification, selection and trial scenarios.  

Shooting: shooting technique, GS & GA roles and responsibilities, shooter movement.  

Skill Analysis: analysis of skills and body movement, skill modification.  

Team Culture: values, goal setting, team dynamics, how to build a positive team culture. 

Netball NZ Community Coach Level 2 - Topics Covered

Centre Pass: centre pass attack and defence, skill development and game principles in relation to the centre pass. 

Circle Work: circle work attack and defence, skill development and game principles in relation to circle work.  

Developing Physical Capacity: NetballSmart philosophy, SMART preparation, SMART training, SMART warm up, cool down & recovery, SMART movement, SMART injury management.  

Game Analysis: tactical analysis, game plans, team talks.  Workshops will be held at the same time as local games where coaches will have the opportunity to analyse and evaluate their observations.   

Mental Skills: goal setting, imagery, visualisation, feedback & self-talk, mindfulness.  

Planning Annual Tournaments: preparation, logistics, budgeting, bench management, running sheets.  

Through Court: through court attack and defence, skill development and game principles in relation to through court attack and defence. 

If you have any questions please contact Carmell on npc@netballkapiti.org.nz.