Our line up of workshops are as follows.  There will also be an opportunity during Tournament Planning for Coaches and Developing Physical Capacity for coaches to provide feedback on what other learning opportunities they will find of value.

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These workshops are open to all community coaches and managers:

​​​​​​​Monday October 3rd, 6:30pm – Player Centred Coaching 

Monday November 7th, 6:30pm – Planning 

Monday December 5th 6.30pm – Selecting 

Community Coach Level 1 - Topics Covered

Attacking Fundamentals: fundamental ball skills, catching and passing, attacking strategies and techniques.  

Building Effective Relationships: communication, learning styles, people and conflict management.  

Defence: skill learning, man to man defence, open and closed marking, intercepting, 3foot mark, restrictive defence.  

Planning – Season & Session: weekly and game day planning, seasonal planning, evaluation methods.  

Player Centred Coaching: teaching games for understanding, learner centred coaching, effective questioning, coaching reflection.  

Selecting: selection policies and processes, skill and talent identification, selection and trial scenarios.  

Shooting: shooting technique, GS & GA roles and responsibilities, shooter movement.  

Skill Analysis: analysis of skills and body movement, skill modification.  

Team Culture: values, goal setting, team dynamics, how to build a positive team culture. 

Community Coach Level 2 - Topics Covered

Centre Pass: centre pass attack and defence, skill development and game principles in relation to the centre pass. 

Circle Work: circle work attack and defence, skill development and game principles in relation to circle work.  

Developing Physical Capacity: NetballSmart philosophy, SMART preparation, SMART training, SMART warm up, cool down & recovery, SMART movement, SMART injury management.  

Game Analysis: tactical analysis, game plans, team talks.  Workshops will be held at the same time as local games where coaches will have the opportunity to analyse and evaluate their observations.   

Mental Skills: goal setting, imagery, visualisation, feedback & self-talk, mindfulness.  

Planning Annual Tournaments: preparation, logistics, budgeting, bench management, running sheets.  

Through Court: through court attack and defence, skill development and game principles in relation to through court attack and defence. 

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Netball Kapiti Community Coach Award Holders

Lisa Mills-Albert

Carmell Wagg

Debby Ludlam 

Bridget Robertson

​​​​​​​New Format CCA Level 1 

Rachel Rehu  

Erin Howell 

Kelly Hynson

Donna Leigh 

Jade Teki

Tania Slinn

Kat Kerr

CCA Level 2

Jade Teki

​​​​​​​Erin Howell

Kat Kerr